The Ice Age Cometh

The Great Crypto Ice Age of 2018 is almost here. But as the hype slows down, technical progress remains steady. Here are some interesting things I've come across in the last few months:

Build a Bitcoin Lightning Network node from a Raspberry Pi and external hard drive. Sidenote: you will learn a TON about Linux in the process.

Bitcoin’s Path to Method of Payment by Jimmy Song (Medium article)
The case for Bitcoin purely as a store of value.

The Proof of Work newsletter by Eric Meltzer
This is a great, focused newsletter with regular updates directly from all the major projects.

One of the very few crypto-heads on Twitter who actually has a clue. He also has a good investment newsletter, Off the Chain.

$6000 remains the current BTC floor. As algorithmic trading starts to tighten up, things might get very interesting by October/December.

Yes, Ethereum is still alive.

Stay warm and stay tuned!